Livin’ the dream…

Anton & me at the Great Bear open mic…


Electric guitar

After 40+ years playing my D28 I finally purchased an electric guitar.

It was made locally by Michel Levert and looks and sounds great.

Oils Painting

Painting Update – Spring 2019

14 April 2019

I showed  6 paintings in the Burnaby Artists Guild Spring Show.

This one is 16 x 20 and using an old photo of my maternal grandmother – Nana Rose.

Nana Rose

This underpainting in acrylic is a value study done with burnt umber and titanium white. I plan to do more work on the values and then glaze over with oil paint.

This one is based on a very old sketch done in France in 1977.

“Imagine That!”

This is a 16 x 20 oil painting. I want to do more work on it  – especially the man’s face.

This one is also based on a very old sketch of Markos Boutsinos in Galissa Greece:


This is also 16 x 20 and needs more work on the face.

This one is of Despina in Galissa Greece – she operated a small convenience store a few doors down from where I was staying:


This is 16 x 20 oil and I have been working with glazes on this one.

This one is also 16 x 20 oil based on a sketch done in Greece many years ago:

Shown above is the acrylic under painting; I do not have a photo of the finished painting – which I sold at the Burnaby Artists Guild Spring Show!


Nicola Valley March 2016

Petr picked me up Thursday 24 March and we left from his place at 4am Friday morning.

Dawn at Kane Valley Lakes

We made it to Kane Valley by dawn – followed two snowplows at the summit of the Coqahalla in the dark.

We spent the morning in the Kane Valley and heard some sapsuckers but were unable to sight any.  We hooked up with Perry there. On to the Pennask Road where we found some Horned Larks and Roughed Grouse.

Petr & Bogs cavorting at the fire pit

We checked in at the Guichon B&B around 6:30pm. Had a great time by the fire pit that evening with Loretta and Craig and enjoyed skewers of salami, onions, red peppers, mushrooms Petr made up and some with Douglas Ranch beef that Craig had made.

One of 3 white lambs – 5 are black

Saturday Petr and Perry headed for the Lac Dubois area west of Kamloops and I spent the day at the ranch photographing and sketching the sheep and lambs. Started a painting of sheep and lambs in the afternoon from photos and sketches.

Enjoying the sun

Bruno came by with Judy’s daughter and child and friends with children and dogs. Oscar spent most of the day with me and only occasionally worried the livestock. I showed Bruno the video of the Roughed Grouse.